12-5-2016 31 check-ins

Good Morning Stan, Lots of activity on 205 this morning but i made the following Contacts.

W9ZIH ronald k9vqr=ka1ze/3 tnx 73 good day
WB8AHT Stephen EN72 MI Yup Stan, you got SNOW !! Not as much here. Still have a few little patches of ground showing thru. But tis the season !!
VE3MLM Bob KA1ZE/3… Tnx Stan…peaked 15 to 20 over 9 when you pointed this way… great to make it every day on 6-7 watts…TOTM & 73
VE3MLM Bob Snowing abt 4″ so far & 28ºF…Winter is here ☺













12-4-2016 39 check-ins

Hi Stan

Great work you today. Its not often we get to rag chew, it’s nice to exchange a few words and not just a call and grid.
Here are a couple pictures off my cellphone app.

73 de Peter
VA3ELE – FN03dm
W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), ka1ze/3 (fn01), n3jdr(fm19)
VE3MLM Bob = KA1ZE/3 KB2RMC W2UAD & heard N3JDR real well on peak.. Tnx everyone

Good Morning Stan. Band conditions rough today. I worked VA3HD and QSB had his signal from almost in the noise to a solid 59! I worked VA3HD KA1ZE N2FKF N2LRB
KB1WY. 73, Buff Wb2sih






George WB3IGR FN10 snagged a new grid this morning thanks to Sean, VA3HD FN14


Sam K5SW EM25 Oklahoma Activity

We still have an active group of VHFers here in Eastern Oklahoma. We have two weekly nets- W5VHF Net on Mondays 8PM central 144.190, where we usually have check ins from 7 states, then a SWOT net on Thursdays 8PM on 144.250. We have an active group that is on EVERY morning and Evening, that gathers around 144.200 SSB or CW looking for stations around in nearby states or if DX is around, working farther, moving off .200 for contacts. Anymore, either we are in Winter doldrums with no nearby activity, or no one wants to play VHF ssb or cw anymore for random activity. Many also use can QSY to 50, 222, 432 or 1296 for contacts as well. So if you still enjoy random contacts on 144 and above, beam toward Eastern Ok, or say something on the ON4KST chat pages, or e mail us ,so we can try working you. Mornings 5:30 to 9AM, or evenings. You might be surprised to be able to work some of us. We regularly work stations out 400 miles if there are stations on, and if band condx are up, who knows how far we can work out. We just need activity. Sam K5SW EM25hr 50-144-222-432-1296



Dan, N5GX updates on the Florida Monday Night SSB Net (Matthew vs Antenna or whats your grid square?)

Greetings from Paradise. I had to share with you a quick update on
WA4JWU (Roger), his weekly 2 Meter Net and a picture of how hurricane
Matthew played havoc with Roger’s antennas. Roger is currently
recuperating from hip replacement surgery but back on the air running
the FL Monday Night 2 Meter SSB Net. Conditions were very good this
last Monday with strong signals from all corners of the state.

In the attached photo I took yesterday, I was facing North and the Ham
III rotor control was reading SOUTH.
– The TH-6 Tri-Bander on the bottom is pointing West.
– The bottom 13 element yagi and the 5 element 6 meter just above it are
just a few degrees East of South
– The top 13 element yagi is more East-South-East
– The 144, 440 on top is also East-South-East

It made for a fun net (maybe not so much for Roger).


It will be a while before any of us are able to tackle the job of
tilting the tower and getting everything pointed in the same direction.

I’m still settling into my new QTH on Merritt Island, FL. Only antennas
I have up so far are a 2 meter Moxon at about 10 feet and a 12 foot
piece of wire up to a low hanging branch for HF.

I love listening to your “New England Air Traffic Control” streaming audio in the
morning. I love the noise.


Daniel Tosh N5GX

Ken, KA2LIM FN12 rover station

As promised….



What started out to be my 10GHz rover has turned into a 10 band rover. I had the antenna’s and other equipment so everything below 10 GHz is “icing on the cake” , as they say.ka2lim-r-1


Got this much done so far. Next will be the rest of the hardline on the 4 loop antenna’s. Got the hardline’s on the other antenna’s already.


I built the rack for this setup. Patterned after the WB2ONA/R built by Warren – WB2ONA, with a couple of modifications. All antenna’s fit within the rack or are no wider than the van, ie: 222 antenna. The 6M antenna (3 element) goes on a 3” fiberglass mast that fit into the top of the main mast above the 5 element 2M beam putting the 6M antenna at a few inches less than 30’ above ground when in the up position. It is removed for travel.


6 – 432 power output is 110 – 200 Watts, 50W for 903 and 1296, 20W for 2.3 and 3.4 and 2W for 5GHz and 3W for 10 GHz


Antenna are: 6M – 3 elm, 2M – 5elm, 222 – 9 elm, 432 – 11 elm, 903 – 20 loop, 1296 – 26 loop, 2304 – 39 loop, 3456 – 55 loop

5 & 10 GHz – 2’ dish


Of course the operating position is inside the van with everything being rack mounted and a small bench for writing and the laptop for logging. Power is supplied by a 4.5k generator to the two 50A 13.8VDC power supplies.


Did my first ever 10GHz contest in August 2016. Warren – WB2ONA invited me to go with him and we made several stops along the south shore of Lake Erie. I had a blast and my comment has been since that adventure: Why did I wait so long to get on 10GHz….


So, as I said: this started out to be my 10GHz station for roving and everything else is extra.


It all Warren – WB2ONA”s fault. Thanks Warren for the inspiration.





12-2-2016 30 check-ins

Good Morning Stan . Lots of activity this morning. Lots of QSB but on the peaks made some good contacts. I worked the following stations:

                                  N4ASF N3JDR K1PXE KA1ZE/3 K1BXC W1COT KC1BBU KD4AA K3GNC KD8UD W1VD., 73, Buff WB2SIH FN31DD
K8TQK Bob em89je = AC3L/M FN00


W9ZIH ronald wm8i=ka1ze=k9vqr tnx for qso;s with my pip squeak station


W2UAD Ken w2uad == ka1ze/3 (fn01), w1cot (fn31), wm8i (en80), ve3mlm (fn04), va3hd/p (fn14).w2uad_station_in_jan-_2012e-a

VE3MLM Bob = KA1ZE/3 W2UAD VA3HD Tnx everyone


Bob, VE3MLM FN04 is having trouble with his transceiver. The output is only 7 watts and needs to be 25 in order to key his Mirage amlpifier. He is undecided whether he want to replace the rig or fix it. Good luck Bob!

This morning was a typical day on 205. We battle the QSB daily. Today was pretty decent in that the peaks were rather long lasting and usually could complete a full exchange before heading south. John , WA1EAZ FN42 and 344 miles away, checks-in daily on CW running just 10 watts. Today was no exception. We started the exchange with John near the noise floor fluctuating between +2 dB and +6 dB. Near the end I noticed his signal started to level off around 6dB and edging up. I immediately called him on SSB thinking we might squeak in a SSB contact. To my surprise John came back on SSB around +6 and built for 2 more transmissions to +16 or 55. Pretty cool stuff! I told John he could cut his power by 10 dB and we could make it. One watt would have been all that was needed to do 344 miles on 2 meters! Oh well, naturally the QSB started its downward cycle and we will leave that challenge for another day.wa1eaz-fn42-s




November 205 check-ins total 818

The 205MorningGroup had 818 check-ins for the 27 days of my operation. This averages 30.3 per day with the highest total of 63 on Sunday the 13th. Conditions to the west were exceptional and being a Sunday with more weak signal enthusiasts available created the perfect storm..3


k8tqknameBob K8TQK EM89 finally put has rotator issues to bed and resumed 144.252 activity Monday evenings. Bob had 18 check-ins 2 nights and 16 the third.k8tqk-em892