KA1ZE/3 “make some noise!”

My summer has not been what I had hoped for. Many trips to FN01 trying to begin new projects have been squelched by many visits by Murphy. Getting the station back on-air with the same old antennas is my current project. The large stack of 4 12 element yagis has suffered damage to the feed system. While remotely testing a new 1.5KW amp the INTERNET went down with the amp putting out max power for who knows how long. I got the station under control about an hour later but the damage had been done. The Beko amp was shutting down due to high return loss. I suspect the “N” Tee connector feeding the .5 wave divider vaporized the center pin. Within the next few weeks my station manager Chris, NG3W and I will repair the damage. Linda and I will be heading back to Florida by the end of September and I sure hope the FN01 station will be ready for a long winter of daily operation.

Today I was pleased to say hello to many old friends using my two 5 element yagi stacks. Conditions to W9ZIH EN51 were pretty good. Ron was 529-549, a signal I normally might hear from the large top array but much better than normally heard on the antenna at 70 feet. The EAST coast stations were enjoying great coastal conditions but I did not see any enhancement to KD4AA FM17.


205MorningReport KA1ZE/3 FN01

The station in FN01 needs troubleshooting. During a QSO with Ron, W9ZIH the amplifier stopped producing power. I have no idea why and suspect it is something simple like a broken T/R line to the amp or perhaps the relay that applies 220 volts to the amp.  I also will evaluate the tower and do preparation for antenna work later this summer. There will be WhatMeWorryNOadditional posts on the 205MorningReport until I return from FN01. Please continue sending any out of the ordinary DX and I will play catch-up when I return..




Hi Stan,

Here is a brief account of an intentional reception of a reflected 144.175 MHz signal bounced off the International Space Station.

After two weeks of preparation Tim, G4LOH in Helston, Cornwall County, England Grid IO70jc and Roger, VE1SKY, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada Grid FN74iu used FSK441 to try a Brendan Quest style reflection off the International Space Station (ISS). Employing AMSAT satellite software, both stations aimed at the calculated grid HO11nl for a 144.175 MHz QSO attempt with a mutual window of less than 1 minute. At 12:22 UTC May 2, 2016, VE1SKY copied G4LOH at a distance of 4,441 km. The signal decoded once completely by ‘cursor clicking’ and then partially. This was the first received ISS signal bounce from EU to NA, and the first ‘intentional’ signal by ISS reflection received in any direction across the North or South Atlantic. It is being verified as a possible DX record for satellite reflection. Tim has since been received in the much closer GN37 grid by VO1HP using CW.VE1SKY EU-NA



Roger, VE1SKY


Hi Stan
Worked 4 total with 3 new off the moon with my single M2-2m12 and 350w from a TE-1452g.
074200  3  -22  1.7  328  3 *      K7ULS I3MEK JN55
080800  3  -23  1.6  105  3 *      K7ULS ZS4TX KG30
081000  4  -23  1.4  380  3 *      K7ULS W2HRO FN20
081600  2  -22  1.3  156  3 *      K7ULS ZS5LEE KG50K7ULSb A