6-22-2018 W1VD FN31 TROPO

Had a 1-1/2 hour tropo opening to W8MIL this morning. Stan’s signal ranged from 10 – 30 dB out of the noise for the duration. Initially, no other stations were involved. Stan and I checked in with each other every 10 minutes to check propagation. Eventually W1COT and K1BXC were able to get in on the action as well. It’s sure been an interesting week so far!

Jay W1VD

6-20-2018 KA2BPP FN30 ESKIP


I caught the E-Skip opening and worked a few. My best was W7XU at 1239 miles.

Worked 4 new states and grids on 2 mtrs. Others were working a slew of stations

I also attached the DX maps and aprs pics for your pleasure