10-22-2016 31 check-ins

Poor conditions continue. Signals were down from all directions. Bill, N3JDR FM19 tail-ended many of my contacts this morning. He logged all the Northeast contacts plus easily working W9SR EN70. Mike WC4N EM86 also heard bits of JDR but didn’t complete. wc4n-em86


W9SR commented about a  4 min meteor barrage allowing Dick to eavesdrop on the QSO between FN31 stations K1PXE, KB1WY working JDR.




Please point those flashlights in the direction of EN93ui and look for Joe. He puts in a great signal in my area with his 10 watts!!


I came to the hobby in May of 2015 at the young age of 61.
Originally it was to be an outlet to pass time while I was recovering from knee replacement. Of course once I found how vast and varied the field is, I was hooked on going further.I am however limited in room for antennas so I have settled on 2m and 6m SSB as my compromize choices. I couldn’t be happier.

I was fortunate to find pristine condition Yaesu FT-726R that is my main rig going out to a 3e 6m Yagi and 4e 2m yagi mounted on a rotor 27′ and 30 ‘ respectfully. She runs at 10 watts max but reaches out extradinarily well when the various propagation gods are smiling in my direction.