4-23-2017 to ?? ckeck-ins 464 for April **106 UNIQUE stations from 50 GRIDS **

It’s beginning to look like Linda and I will be joining the Neil Diamond tour. We have seats for April 23 and 26th. My boss is telling me we will likely skip the Charlotte, N.C concert but we will be attending Atlanta and New Orleans. The audio stream will be in operation till the Internet or Power decides it shouldn’t. 

4-22-2017 27 ckeck-ins 464 for April **106 UNIQUE stations from 50 GRIDS ** Rod, N1SZO FN34 was grid 50 for April**

VE3MLM Bob = W1VD, VA3HD, VE3JFV, KA1ZE/3, VE3EU, VE3KBT …. Tnx everyone… 73 de FN04te
W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ve3eu+k8tqk+ka1ze/3+w8ans+wb8ahy tnx 73 good morning
N1SZO Rodney QRT 73.. ka1ze ke2dn k3gnc and w1vd


Dan, N5GX Make Some DOUGH!


Yesterday while watching the SV I decided I would redeem the time with one of my favorite activities, baking.  After all, I grew up in my dad’s bakery in St Louis where he taught me how to sweep floors and take out the trash!  I did however learn to make a few things like St Louis Gooey Butter Cake and one of his best sellers, Peanut Coffee Cake.

Here is the dough….

Ready for the oven…

Finally, baked, Iced and ready to eat…

I know this has noting to do with 205MorningReport other than while you were making “Noise”, I was making Peanut Cake.

Life is good here on the Indian River.  This is the view from my kitchen island where I spend a good bit of time when I’m not on the dock or in the shed (shack).


PS:  Why don’t you show the checkin page live in your collage of windows on the SV?  Second thought, that might be a copyright violation triggering a license fee increase.

4-21-2017 16 ckeck-ins 437 for April **102 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS **

A nice red blob to the south made my Q’s with N4TWX es WA4GPM much easier although it was
to the east of me. Both were 539 and Terry was 53 on SSB. Tnx fellas.
73 de 1GC
WB2SIH Buff =k1pxe ka1ze va3hd

W2UAD Ken  w2uad == aa2uk (fm29), w2acr (fn12), ve3mlm (fn04), w1vd (fn31), k1teo (fn31), va3hd (fn14),

W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+n9lb+ka1ze/3+k8tqk tnx much best 73 gm

GM Stan,

Nice to work some of the regulars this morning, some deep QSB in WB2SIH’s direction, but managed to work him on CW NP.

73 from Foggy FN14BB


Sean Dickinson (VA3HD)

4-20-2017 23 ckeck-ins 421 for April **100 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS ** Don, KD8JQ EN91 was check-in #400 for April **

Conditions down somewhat but things are looking better in the past few days. Enjoying the You-Tube link and appreciate the efforts you put into giving us all a nice view of your operation there.
73 es tnx for all your activity – de 1GC

4-19-2017 8 ckeck-ins 398 for April **100 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS **

N4TWX Terry =WA4NJP 599 EL89

WA4NJP Ray = 222.1 w4raa, n4twx, n4qh, kc4aaw

Hi Stan, conditions were about average this morning . I worked :W1VD KC2WLR WA1EAZ K1TEO WA1RKS and AA2UK(250 miles). I heard K3GNC and K1PXE but no QSO. 73 Buff Wb2sih Fn33dk

WA1RKS ELLIS == kc2wlr k2arm n1cd k2gnc k1lmb wb2sih

AA2UK Bill NG4C nice 5×8 signals this morning tnx for the chat
AA2UK Bill wb2sih/m just in/out of the noise copy all though tnx
AA2UK Bill rrr good contact Bob k8tqk 454 miles
AA2UK Bill Stan this is anything but an ideal VHF and up location, I guess it can’t be all that bad?
AA2UK Bill K1PXE 5×9 off the back tnx Pete

W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), ve3jpu (fn03), wm8i (en80), ve3cru (fn03), ka1ze?3 (fn01), k8tqk (em89

W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze/3+k8tqk tnx very good signals thru static crashes from thunder storms nearby

VE3MLM Bob = W2ACR W2UAD VE3KBT VE3JFV VA3HD …Tnx everyone & 73

4-18-2017 Monday North Georgia 2 Meter Check-ins WA4NJP EM84 NCS *** 38 check-ins

Hello Stan,
  The first 38 Qs were the North Georgia net
on 144,210 from  8 till 9PM,  the last few were
from the next few min after as I looked at the
band, good activity, fair conditions.
    Again thanks for this venue to allow people
to see what is on 2 Meter SSB/CW.
Ray   WA4NJP