KA1ZE/3 FN01 YouTube 2018 ARRL January VHF Contest

I attempted documenting this event on my Live YouTube stream. The stream was on for the contest less my sleep time but I found out it only saved 11:55 of stream. There are Streams from Saturday and Sunday but QSOs were made and not saved after the 11:55 came to an end. If you contacted me search the video, looking at the clock and fast forwarding until you see your QSO time. Next test will be broken up into 3 videos in order to save all QSOs.




KA1ZE/3 FN01 2018 January Contest

Time.. 11:15PM The contest is over and my ears hurt.. Way to many hours with headphones squeezing my head. Was it worth it? you betcha!

Nice to log so many rovers. A special thanks to VA3ELE/R who took the road less traveled and started the test in FN24. In my 12 years of operating in FN01 I have only logged the grid 1 other time. TNX Peter!



Marc, VE2PN FN46 had a very solid signal from his rare GRID 500 miles away heard many times.

Conditions were pretty flat with some local enhancement Sunday evening. The enhanced stations got in my log Saturday, hihi. I played a little with MSK144. It was fun but I wish there were more stations in my range to work. The effort put 11 GRIDS in the log. Tropo GRIDS totaled 63. This year I attempted no EME contacts.

73, Stan .. now time for some sleep with chirping bouncing in my head

Sean, VA3HD FN14 450+ miler CW from cell phone and jackknifed TT

Good morning Stan, 

Thanks for the assistance setting up the QSO’S this morning with N4ASF, KD4AA ,KD8UD and others. As you know it’s a bit of a challenge transmitting CW from my cell phone.  The 18 wheeler was pulled out when I came back from Belleville but attached is a picture of the hill he was stuck on. I turned left where the 4 wheeler was and parked there to work Tom and Lou. If you zoom in you can see I white spot diagonal across the road , 3/4 of the way up the hill. This is where the truck was stuck and was blocking most of the road.  I should have stopped and taken a picture when I saw it,  but I was excited to work KD4AA and KD8UD. I did work KB3VQL at around 13:32z on .215. He was 51 at best. 

Thanks again and I hope you get a thaw in FN01xt to free up your top rotator soon!

You are doing quite well even with your hand tied behind your back. How many watts were you running  yesterday when your amp was tripped out? Sean, yesterday 70% but the day before only 10% power (80 watts?)

73 for now

Kindest Regards,

Sean Dickinson ( VA3HD ) Master Electrician

VE Communications and Electric