N1JEZ, Mike FN44 April fools day continues… Sprint?

Hi Stan,

No way I could get on from Camp. Still 3+ feet of snow up there!!

Pic attached of my wife in front of the shack door. To her right, is a
100 gallon propane tank — totally buried. Snow is chest high.

Behind the camp is worse. Pic of my brother and his wife at the back


N9EGT, Wayne has antenna for sale

Good morning, Stan. We are moving to Grand Junction Colorado and so I must sell my big 2 meter beam, 17 elements. 33 foot boom. It is on the tower and whoever buys it must take it down or pay to have it taken down. It is in excellent condition and I would sell it for $50. Do you know of anybody who might be interested.


Anyone can call me at 260-525-8933.


Wayne Steury

Wishing you and Carla the best! Your BIG signal from EN71 will be missed.

New reports welcome

My station in FN01 is still in need of major work. As of today 03-05-2019 I have no functional antenna on the EAST side of my tower. Thanks to WSJT-X and the FT8 mode, I am able to log several stations out EAST. I have been using the W3XTT call sign. If you care to drop me an email or see me on ON4KST chat page, I will be happy to put your reports in this BLOG.

Thanks for the fun,

Stan KA1ZE


Pat KC2WLR & Deb from Overlook Mt in the Catskills

Thanks to Ellis, WA1RKS FN32 we have more pictures from Pat KC2WLR and XYL Deb.  I guess the cooler temperatures make for a pleasant walk up the mountains?

Microspikes all the way up.

Ruins of the old Mountain House Holet at the 3,000 foot level.

The Hudson River

We weren’t the only RF up there.

The views from Overlook Mountain 3,140 feet asl.

W2OZ Skip,KB5BV Mose,KD2MZC William and WA1RKS Ellis thanks for the contacts.

‘Til next time my friend,73 from Debi and Pat KC2WLR.

KD4AA, Tom builds pair 2 meter moxons

Gm Stan:
Hope all is well with you and family.
Pictures are KD4AA latest design for KD8UD mobile. A pair of moxons 1 facing fwd and 1 facing aft switchable.
You are missed on 205!!!
73 Dave

Many thanks to Dave, N4ASF for reporting on the newest KD4AA antenna design for Lew, KD4AA. All is well with Linda and I in sunny Florida. Only 1 day in the month of September with daytime temperatures not reaching 90 degrees. The rebuild of the FN01 station is beginning to see light on the horizon. The new InnovAntennas have been on site for many months. I have been waiting for ring rotors to arrive to properly mount the arrays on the tower. I should have them in the month of October and hopefully see an early snow storm during the installation (we all know antennas seem to perform better after a snowy beginning.)
73, Stan

N9EGT, Wayne summer in CO

From Wayne:

We had a great time in Grand Junction CO doing some 20 meter radio. Living on son’s property and having family fun. Our cabin is a yurt.

Yurt with grandkids.

Sam climbing 14000 ft Mt

Carla and I on a ski lift



N5GX, Dan finds WebSDR 2 meters in FN21

I was very excited when I found that K3FEF in NE PA had added a WebSDR
site for 2 meters that covers the lower “Weak Signal” CW and SSB
sections.  Most others with 2 meter coverage only include the upper FM
portions.  But I have not heard any of your 205 gang yet, but I will
keep listening.
Make some LOUD noise.
Daniel J. Tosh  N5GX
“God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few.”
  (Ecclesiastes 5:2)