KG4KWW, Greg FM17 was check-in #435

I have been interested in radio since I was a kid during the 50’s and 60’s. My uncle was a radio tech in WWII and I used to listen to his 1932 RCA short wave radio for hours. I was granted a 3rd radio telephone license in 1973 after passing the test at the FCC field office in Miami Fl. I have been into ham radio seriously for the past several years. I like 2 meter, 6 meter and 70cm ssb communications. I have met a lot of wonderful people on VHF / UHF SSB. Currently I have a ICOM 910-H which is connected to a M2-2m5wl at 65 ft and a M2-44018 at 70 ft. The antennas are mounted atop a Rhon 60 ft tower in my back yard. The coax used is LMR400 and connectors used are type ‘N’. I’m working right now on trying to make contacts using satellites, and it’s very exciting trying to make the contact. I find amateur radio to be a lot of fun and a great way to relax.