2-25-2017 20 ckeck-ins 787 for February **109 UNIQUE stations from 46 GRIDS **

ka1ze 2This morning I was reading about a software package for Linux called Seren. Seren is a simple VoIP program based on the Opus codec that allows you to create a voice conference from the terminal, with up to 10 participants. The INTERNET issue in FN01 has been fixed by Zito Media and I am thinking of new things that will add to our enjoyment of the hobby.

A significant electrical storm is passing through FN01 so I stopped “making noise” until it passes.




Another enjoyable morning on VHF with many friends. My new goal is to work N3RG on 432 and
then N4ASF, two needed grids for the march from ½ VUCC to the magic 100 Grids.
73 de 1GC



Hi Stan: Guess you’re having some issues too.
Yesterday my Yaesu FT-991 HF finals blew out.
One transmission good, next transmission poof.
This was into my 80M sloper with a 1.2:1 SWR.
Guess I’m joining a long line of unhappy Yaesu clients
who have had the same exact issue, oh well.
2M and 432 have a different final so they’re ok.

wz1v= kd8ud, n4asf, kd4aa, n2ghr, n2slo, ka2bpp, wb2sih, w2acr, ve3ycu, w1vd, ke1li, ng4c, n3jdr, k3gnc, k3ib, kb1wy, wa1eaz, k1pxe, w1cot, ka1ze, w8ans, k2arm, w2uad. 73 all tnxScreenshot_2017-02-25_10-20-44

W9ZIH ronald =k8tqk+ka1ze/3+ka9vdu tnx 73 good morning


W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3jfv (fn04), ve3mlm (fn04), w1cot (fn31), k1pxe (fn31), wz1v (fn31).


Hi Stan, I was in and out of the shack all morning and worked : KE1LI KA2BPP N2GHR N2SLO N4ASF KD4AA W2ACR WZ1V KB1WY W1COT
N3HDR NG4C and K1PXE. Some how I didn’t work you ?
Buff, Wb2sih fn31dd

WB2SIH 1000




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