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I finally took the plunge and received my license on September 10 of 2012, at the age of 48.

My interest in radio dates back to childhood experiences at the family cabin in northern Ontario where a battery powered Philips AM radio came to life after sundown and I could here stations from all over North America. As a teenager I was involved in the 11 meter band. This led to a tower and beam antenna. After finally getting the antenna up and working, I found that there was a demand for someone to put up antennas and towers.I climbed towers for many of the local hams and 11 M guys for the next several years and worked part time for a local antenna company while finishing high school and University.

At the time I became interested in Ham Radio and started working toward my license. Then I was bitten by another bug, racecars. In 1985 I started racing stockcars at a local track and spent the next 23 years going around in circles at various tracks around Ontario, Michigan and Ohio. I finally retired from racing in 2007.


This year, I met Dave,VA3XJ who re-ignited my interest in radio and convinced me to get my license. My new station consists of a Yaesu FT-950 with a  a Mosely TA-33jr tribander on a 48 ft tower, along with a 131 ft OCFD which covers 10 through 80M and a reduced size half sloper for 160M.

Sean, VA3SGM


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