3-11-2017 27 ckeck-ins 191 for March **66 UNIQUE stations from 35 GRIDS **

2017-03-10 16:31:22Z VE3MLM Bob ve3mlm 10 march = w2uad ve3iqz w1vd w2acr
2017-03-10 14:45:14Z W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr tnx 73 gm
2017-03-10 14:45:05Z W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), w2acr (fn12), n2nxz (fn13), w8ans (en91), w9kxi (fn12).

Hello Stan, still some 2 Meter SSB activity
in the south in the evenings..


WZ1V Ron wz1v= kd4aa, kd8ud, n1nol, w1vd, wa1yce, kb1lzj, n2slo, kb1wy, ka2bpp, ka1ze, n4asf, w2acr, ke2dn, k3tlp, w1cot, k1teo, n1tks, k1pxe, n2ghr, w3erh, w8ans. 73





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