3-17-2017 17 ckeck-ins 239 for March **69 UNIQUE stations from 35 GRIDS **

The YOUTUBE channel is up and running. When streaming it has about a 8-10 second delay. The video clips remain on the channel making it easy to go back to the time you checked it in order to listen to my side of your transmission. While live it acts like a DVR and you can go back up to 4 hours and listen. I plan on doing live when activity warrants it, Likely this will be in the morning and evening. I don’t know if there are limits to the length on YOUTUBE so not making it 24/7 is likely a good idea.  K1PXE would like the audio stream on shoutcast to remain on… This is all learning mode…..

Tnx Stan for a very interesting morning. Your Stanley Streamer has produced an up to date reverse
beacon complete with an analyzer so we can see our graphic display of frequency and signal strength.
Tom KD4AA enjoyed a 14db signal last night with your antenna at 90°. Keep up the good work, we all
enjoy it.
73 de 1GC
WA1RKS ELLIS =wa1eaz k1pxe n1cd w1cot w2acr k1lmb va3hd w1vd
W2UAD Ken w2uad == k1teo (fn31), w1cot (fn31), w2acr (fn12), va3hd (fn14), ka1ze/3 (fn01), ve3mlm (fn04).
W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze/3 tnx good morning

Hi Stan
I found this picture and this is where it all started 2008.
Mike de K7UL

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