3-18-2017 33 ckeck-ins 272 for March **74 UNIQUE stations from 35 GRIDS **

AC3L Ed some calls heard xa,wl,anx, =ka1ze/3 10 over peak
W9ZIH ronald =ka9vdu+ka1ze/3 tnx 73 gm
WZ1V Ron 19 QSOs wz1v= kj4jsq, kd8ud, w2acr, ka1ze, n4asf, n2slo, w1cot, ka2bpp, n3rg, n1tks, kb1wy, k1vdf, w1vd, k1pxe, kd4aa, kb3wl, va3hd, w8ans, w3erh. 73 all Tnx
W2UAD Ken w2uad == w1vd (fn31), w2acr (fn12), ve3mlm (fn04), va3hd/p (fn14), ka1ze/3 (fn01), kb3wl (fn02).

Congratulations on the YouTube live stream and the effort (as well as the patience) that it took to put that together.

My own patience (and capability) with computers and computer software is “tested” periodically.  In the last year I have had a Cisco wireless router go bad; a bad connection (oxidation) at the cable company’s box (near the road).  And then…I had a new NetGear wireless usb device, on the computer in my radio room go “intermittent” only to discover online that others were having the same problem.  All minor problems but they were all going on at the same time.

Again, congratulations to you for: 1) assembling such a truly unique station and 2) stimulating the 2M activity that you do.

Best 73,

Al – W9KXI

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