3-21-2017 32 ckeck-ins 359 for March **89 UNIQUE stations from 41 GRIDS **

W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), ve3jfv (fn04), ka1ze/3 (fn01), w8mil (en74), va3hd/p (fn14), kb2rmc (fn12), w1cot (fn31),. 432: va3hd (fn14).kb2rmc (fn12)/
WB8AHT Stephen EN72 MI = KA1ZE/3, KB3WL (1st time SSB), K3TLP. Generally nice sigs for all
KG4KWW Greg (KA1ZE/3) kww=N1GC, KA1ZE/3, KB3WL, K3TLP. Have a nice day Stan. Your, Utube Video is really cool.
W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze/3+k3tlp tnx much 73 very good morning
W2ACR steve W2ACR = k1pxe, ka1ze/3, ve3jfv, kb3wl, w1cot, w2qeg, ve3mlm, ve3jpu, kd8ud, ko4yc, k3tlp, kb2rmc, ve3zv,73 all
VE3MLM Bob = ve3jfv ka1ze/3 kb3wl w2acr w2uad… tnx everyone

Enjoyed the you tube page again, especially when you zoom in on the “OP” hihi.
73 es tnx agn Stan de 1GC


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