3-28-2017 28 ckeck-ins 479 for March **98 UNIQUE stations from 41 GRIDS **


Thank you for the reply on 144.205 this morning.

I rarely get on the band much anymore since I took my beam down for repair but was happy to copy you and KB3WL.I heard you in and out and very well at times with flutter.Also heard William but he faded in and out rapidly with great copy for brief moments.

My antenna is a simple discone for temporary use on my house.I was unable to ground it due to weather so I get a bit of RF into the microphone which is what you may have heard.

I own property near William and have a solar powered beacon on 28.228 CW (FN02wj).

If you talk to William again,give it a mention and maybe he can verify it did survive the wind storm for me?

Hope to hear you guys again in the future.


Hilton,NY FN13ch

Remote10 meter solar powered beacon 28.22765 mhz CW FN02wj,Caneadea,NY 65 miles South of my home QTH.

Antenna is a vertical fiberglass tuned for 10m meter band.

WA1RKS ELLIS = k2arm ka1ze/3 wb2sih n1cd w1cot w1vd

WB2SIH Buff = ka1ze wa1rks w1cot n4asf n2slo n1tks k2arm k1pxe w1vd kb3wl kc1bbu

W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+n9lb+ka1ze/3 tnx 73 good day

VE3MLM Bob = KA1ZE/3 N3JDR VE3JFV W2UAD W1VD VE3KBT VE3IQZ Tnx all & 73 de FN04

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