4-1-2017 30 ckeck-ins 30 for April **30 UNIQUE stations from 21 GRIDS **

AC3L Ed =w8bya through s9 noise level tnx
W2UAD Ken w2uad == w2acr (fn12), aa2uk (fm29), ve3jfv (fn04), ve3mlm (fn04), k3tlp (en91),
KG4KWW Greg (KA1ZE/3) KWW = N1GC, KA1ZE/3, N4ASF
WZ1V Ron wz1v= n4asf, kb1wy, k1pxe, w1cot, wo2m, ka2bpp, n2slo, aa2uk, n1dpm, wa1eaz, ka1ze, w8ans. 73 all
W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze+k8tqk+w9sr+ka9vdu tnx 73 gm ps stan got 2 computers running now to see and hear all hi
K3TLP Jim k3tlp==ky4mrg,k8tqk,ka1ze/3,w2acr,w2uad,ve3kbt,aa2uk,w1cot,n8dt
W8BYA Ged W8BYA = AC3L/m 5×5 good signals Ed

April Fools NOT!

Hi Stan,

Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom of VT. Snow is still coming down!
Lots of QSB on 2 today! Also, noise floor higher than usual (S3) due to

A few pics attached. My dog Hershey likes to follow along and make sure
I don’t get in trouble snow blowing. She will be 17 later this month.

In two of the pics, you can see the Shack and towers in the background.
The Snow Stake tells the story. I’d expect to see it at 36″ before this
is all done.


Mike, N1JEZ
“A closed mouth gathers no feet”

Good Morning Stan . Back in. FN31 today . Contacts with :KA1ZE N4ASF KD4AA N2SLO W2ACR W2UAD AA2UK N1JEZ KB1WY KA2BPP N1DPM WZ1V. 73 Buff Wb2sih

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