4-2-2017 35 ckeck-ins 65 for April **47 UNIQUE stations from 30 GRIDS **

16:30:08 WB8AHT Stephen EN72 MI = ka1ze/3, k3tlp, w8ans

Hi Stan,

Pretty good morning. Worked 18 stations. 16 on 2M and K3GNC and WB2SIH
on 432 SSB.

Couple of pics of the 2M and up Tower this morning. Also the two
generator buildings up here. We’re off the grid, so have to rely on
generators. Normally I run one of the small inverter units. But when we
Multi-Op and run more than 1 of the kW amps, I run the Diesel…

Also a quick shot of the shack looking at the 2M and up position and amp
rack. On the floor, you can see a dummy load with a small gold case.
That’s a LimeSDR that I’m experimenting with.

Mike, N1JEZ
“A closed mouth gathers no feet”

W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze/3+k3tlp tnx stan and jim good signals with hearing some ssb from you stan at times tnx

AC3L Ed heard tnz, no contact,=ka1ze/3 10 over later @20 over,= k3tlp s9 tnx

WZ1V Ron 25 QSOs= kd8ud, kd4aa, w1vd, w3bfc, n2ghr, ka2bpp, n2slo, n1jez, va3hd, ke2dn, n1bug, kb3wl, w1cot, k1pxe, n4asf, ka1ze, ng3w, w8ans, k1mjm. wb2sih, k3gnc, w1zc, w2uad, kb3tnz, n2fkf. 73

W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), va3hd (fn14), ve3jfv (fn04), ka1ze/3 (fn01), wz1v (fn31), kb3tnz (fn11), ng3w (fn01)..

VE3MLM Bob = w2uad va3hd ve3jfv ve3iqz va3nw ve3kbt kb3tnz ng3w… tnx everyone… 73

WB2SIH Buff Wb2sih= K3GNC N4ASF KD4AA KA1ZE WZ1V K1PXE N2FKF N1JEZ on 144 and 432

Condition appear to be looking better today. Great to work K3GNC again – 3 months to the day
since our last Q.
73 de 1GC

Hi Stan,

I am QRV again! While testing a sorely needed Fool Resistant
Automated Band Switching system (dubbed FRABS) this morning I worked
N1JEZ, W1VD, K1TEO, WZ1V, W1COT, WA1EAZ and KA1ZE/3. I have upgraded to 90 watts which seems to be helping under today’s poor band
conditions. I have acquired a GS35b amp to replace the 4CX1500B deck
I could not tame but it may be a while before I get this on the air.
It needs some work to be plug and play compatible with FRABS and
safely interconnect with my shared HV supply. If I learned anything
from last year’s failures it is that getting things right and
putting resources toward support infrastructure is well worth it in
the long run. Otherwise the Chief Fool will break it.

73, Paul

N1BUG 160m-2m DXCC Honor Roll
WI2XTC 2200m-630m Experimental license
FN55mf ME Piscataquis County


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