4-4-2017 28 ckeck-ins 123 for April **66 UNIQUE stations from 40 GRIDS ** Ron, KB8GUE EM89 was QSO 100**

Hi Stan,

Here is my report for today.

In the picture of the tractors the first one is a 1965 JD110 8hp. This is the one I had bead blasted then I painted it and put it back together again back in 2003. The second one is a 1974 JD110 8hp with a 36″ deck. All original and still runs great. The third one is a JD LX173 15hp with a 48″ deck (XYL’s tractor) and the last one is a JD X320 22hp 48″ deck (hydrostatic drive). So my summer is spent servicing all four tractors and sharpening blades. On top of that I hand wash & wax them all. HI HI
These are my summer time toys. Nothing runs like a Deere!!!

W2ACR  Steve

WA1RKS ELLIS = ka1ze/3, N1cd
VA3ELE 50-10GHz Peter va3ele == w1vd fn31 & k8tqk em89
VA3ELE 50-10GHz Peter va3ele/m == va3hd fn14, ka1ze/3 fn01 & w8ans en91
W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm )fn04), ve3jfv (fn04), w2acr (fn12), kb3wl (fn02), ka1ze/3 (fn01), w1cot (fn31), va3hd/p (fn14), w8ans (en91)
W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1zs/3 tnx very much best 73 good morning
W9ZIH ronald = also w9ans tnx much andy

Good Morning Stan. Plenty of activity to report:

                                 144: K1PXE N1TKS KB1WY KA1ZE
                                         KB3WL KO4YC NG4C N4ASF
                                         K3GNC W1VD W1COT
                                  222: WA2LTM K1PXE
                                1296: K1PXE WA2LTM N2GHR W2BVH
                                          73, Buff WB2SIH

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