4-5-2017 28 ckeck-ins 151 for April **71 UNIQUE stations from 42 GRIDS **

WA4NJP Ray = 222.1 N4SVC 58, tnx
WA4NJP Ray = 222.1 KC4AAW 58
VE3MLM Bob = ve3kbt w2uad va3hd wm8i w1vd ka1ze/3 w2acr ve3jfv … tnx everyone…73
W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze/3 tnx nice to hear your ssb at times on a miserable wx morning not like florida hi hi
WA1RKS ELLIS WA1RKS= ka1ze/3 k2arm n1cd k1pxe va3hd k1lmb w1vd wb2sih kd2dkr w1cot kc2wlr
W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), va3hd (fn14), wm8i (en80), ve3jfv (fn04), w2cns (fn13), w8ans (en91), w2acr (fn12),ka1ze/3 (fn01).
W2ACR steve w2acr= ka1ze/3, va3hd, k8tqk, ko4yc, va3ele, w1vd, w1cot, k1pxe, ve3mlm, w2cns, w8ans, w2uad, tnx all 73
KG4KWW Greg (KA1ZE/3) KG4KWW= ka1ze/3, w8ans, k1pxe k3gnc


Hi Stan. A good morning today: W1COT W1VD K1PXE K2ARM WA1RKS KC2WLR KA1ZE WA1EAZ N1BUG KB1WY. I heard VA3HD AA2UK N2SLO
73, Buff Wb2sih Fn33dk

GM Stan,

huge QSB swells here today, tried to work N1NOL, N4ASF, WB2SIH on CW but no joy, but then again that is what makes this 2m ssb stuff so fun, you never know what you will get each day.  73 and keep making noise, much better than the static noise from years past.


Sean Dickinson (VA3HD) VE Communications and Electric – Master Electrician

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