4-9-2017 26 ckeck-ins 256 for April **81 UNIQUE stations from 46 GRIDS **

VE3MLM Bob = KA1ZE/3 W2ACR W2UAD VA3HD WM8I VE3EU VE3JFV … Tnx everyone… 73 de FN04

W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), wm8i (en80), ve3eu (en93), ka1ze/3 (fn01), w2acr (fn12), w1cot (fn31), va3hd (fn14).


WZ1V Ron 22 QSOs= n3mwq, w3bfc, ka1ze, kd4aa, w3erh, wc2k, k2arm, n1bug, n4asf, k3gnc, n3rg, kb1wy, k1pxe, w1cot, n1gc-fm28, n2slo, w2qeg, kb3wl, ve3eu, w8ans, kg4kww, n2fkf. 73 all

N1BUG Paul FN55mf Worked KA1ZE/3, WZ1V, KB1WEA today

N7CZ Zin EM69 I worked 2 new Grids on 2M today. One in ND and another in CO. A very good day! Now off to work on my truck. 73 all!
N7CZ Zin EM69 ND0B EN07 ND 846 miles & K0RI DM78 CO 991.5 miles both on MSK144

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