Lloyd Ellsworth, NE8I EN73 SK

I have sad news to report. My friend, noted VHF contest rover, and microwave enthusiast Lloyd Ellsworth died of a heart attack this morning in his home in Northern Michigan. No information is yet available on memorial arrangements.

Lloyd was well known in the VHF/UHF/Microwave community as a skilled and active experimenter, and for his great depth of knowledge in radio technology. He was always willing to lend a hand to anyone wanting to start out in Microwaves, and got great joy in putting someone new on the bands.

He will be greatly missed.

Dave DeVos


QSL 100% direct w/SASE, or DX via Buro. Ten Ten #481 Red Ryder #10 Clare County.

Retired. Worked for Ford Motor Dearborn Mi. EMC RFI Engineering, testing. Grad HFCC. Licensed since 1966. Farwell Mi is new QTH. LM ARRL LM AMSAT. Member SEMDXA. Micro Nuts, Red Ryders. DXCC. VUCC 5.7 GHz, 24 GHz, 47 GHz.

Home, some HF. FT847 and RV4. VHF/UHF plus Mobile FT847, tuner and 108 inch whip. Contest Rover station. 6M through 47 GHz.

Band rig power antenna Rover set up. Varies with contest or Microwave Activity Day

6M FT847 100W Loop

2M FT847 160W 7 el M2

222 FT817 DEMI xvtr 120W 10 el M2

432 FT847 200W 18 el M2

903 FT817 DEMI xvtr 60W 12 el loop Working on conversion to 902

1296 FT817 DB6NT xvtr 18W 24 el loop

2304 FT817 DEMI xvtr 19W 45 el loop

3456 FT817 DEMI xvtr 22W 20 dB Horn, or long loop

5760 FT817 DEMI xvtr 19W 20 dB Horn or 2 ft dish

10368 FT817 DB6NT 18W 2 ft dish

24192 FT817 DB6NT 4W 40dB horn or dish

47088 FT817 DB6NT 19mW 1 ft dish

78 GHz; working on it 1 ft dish.

Home station, only HF, 6-2-432-1296. Working on adding more bands.

tnx, from Dan, K9EA ex K9UVJ

pictures from mivus

Lloyd regularly checked in with the morning group from his home in Farwell, MI. I will miss not hearing his CW/SSB signal.. Stan

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