4-14-2017 25 ckeck-ins 281 for April **86 UNIQUE stations from 47 GRIDS **

WZ1V Ron = k3ib, kb1wy, w1cot, w1vd, n4asf, kd4aa, n2slo, n1tks, ng4c, w2acr, k2arm, w1tr, k1pxe, w2kv, k1map, wb2sih, kb3wl, w2qeg, ka1ze, wa1eaz, k3gnc, w8ans,w1ctc 73 all
KC8YJB Bernie =w2kv,kb3wl,k3tlp,kaize/3,kd8jq,k8tqk,w8ans tnx all 73
W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3jfv (fn04), ve3kbt (fn14), ve3mlm (fn04).
W2UAD Ken Plus: = WM8I (EN80). Tnx, Roger & 73. 73 All
Good to have you back Stan. I guess we both enjoy spending time with the grandkids, and acting
like a kid again, oh so much fun !!!
73 de 1GC
Good Morning: went up to the hill and had good signals from all the usual candidates! K2arm w1cot k1pxe wz1v w1vd wa1t Wa1eaz ka1ze .I occasionally get some logging help from W2lyn ( in picture) 73, Buff Wb2sih Fn33dk

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