4-16-2017 42 ckeck-ins 345 for April **99 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS **

W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), w1cot (fn31), w1vd (fn31), w2acr (fn12), ka1ze/3 (fn01).

AC3L Ed =ka1ze/3, va3hd band down


AC3L Ed =k8tqk s9
W3ERH Ed == ka1ze/3 w1vd w1zv n2ghr n2slo k1pxe kb1wy ka2bpp w2qeg

KB3VQL James w1vd fn31, kb3wl fn02 ka1ze/3 fn01 Tnx all, Happy Easter

Hi Stan,

Still about 12″ of snow around the Camp here in FN44ar — more in the
woods, but it’s going fast!

11 contacts this morning.

I’ll be on for the Sprint Monday night. Point North!

Mike, N1JEZ
“A closed mouth gathers no feet”

OK guys part of Easter Sunday dinner, Pierogi’s.
Don’t forget there’s a Italian portion of dinner also.
Carl w2qeg


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