4-17-2017 25 ckeck-ins 370 for April **100 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS ** Sam, N1NOL FN31 was UNIQUE #100 for April**

W9ZIH ronald =ka1ze/3+k9vqr+ve3eu tnx much 73 -love that polish food been raised on it stan made 84 years on it hi hi
VA3ELE 50-10GHz Peter va3ele == ka1ze/3 fn01, ve3eu en93, w1vd fn31, aa2uk fm29 & wa1eaz fn42
Stan here are the pics Pat sent me. my “woof” for the day was Jerome K3GNC on “The Little antenna that cud” 73  de Ellis
Hi Stan I had trouble sending the pictures that Pat sent me to you this morning. yahoo screwed up 1st time. so let me know if you got the Hackensack Mountain ones. also I forgot to add Mike N1JEZ to my qso list on the chat page. sri bout that. Ok back to chores 73 agn and thanks for all that you do. it really is appreciated Stan for sure.
de Ellis
WA1RKS ELLIS wa1rks=k2arm ka1ze/3 n1cd wa1eaz k1pxe w1cot k1lmb ka2lim k3gnc n1jez
W2UAD Ken w2uad == w1vd (fn31), w1cot (fn31), ve3jfv (fn04), ve3mlm (fn04), ve3Iqz (fn04), ve3eu (en93), ka1ze/3 (fn01).).

Hi Stan. Beautiful weather up here this morning . I worked KA1ZE and W1VD from my driveway . I will be on for the sprint tonight Starting in FN33 and then FN32 last half hour or so. 73, Buff Wb2sih Fn33dk

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