4-19-2017 8 ckeck-ins 398 for April **100 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS **

N4TWX Terry =WA4NJP 599 EL89

WA4NJP Ray = 222.1 w4raa, n4twx, n4qh, kc4aaw

Hi Stan, conditions were about average this morning . I worked :W1VD KC2WLR WA1EAZ K1TEO WA1RKS and AA2UK(250 miles). I heard K3GNC and K1PXE but no QSO. 73 Buff Wb2sih Fn33dk

WA1RKS ELLIS == kc2wlr k2arm n1cd k2gnc k1lmb wb2sih

AA2UK Bill NG4C nice 5×8 signals this morning tnx for the chat
AA2UK Bill wb2sih/m just in/out of the noise copy all though tnx
AA2UK Bill rrr good contact Bob k8tqk 454 miles
AA2UK Bill Stan this is anything but an ideal VHF and up location, I guess it can’t be all that bad?
AA2UK Bill K1PXE 5×9 off the back tnx Pete

W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), ve3jpu (fn03), wm8i (en80), ve3cru (fn03), ka1ze?3 (fn01), k8tqk (em89

W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+ka1ze/3+k8tqk tnx very good signals thru static crashes from thunder storms nearby

VE3MLM Bob = W2ACR W2UAD VE3KBT VE3JFV VA3HD …Tnx everyone & 73

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