4-21-2017 16 ckeck-ins 437 for April **102 UNIQUE stations from 49 GRIDS **

A nice red blob to the south made my Q’s with N4TWX es WA4GPM much easier although it was
to the east of me. Both were 539 and Terry was 53 on SSB. Tnx fellas.
73 de 1GC
WB2SIH Buff =k1pxe ka1ze va3hd

W2UAD Ken  w2uad == aa2uk (fm29), w2acr (fn12), ve3mlm (fn04), w1vd (fn31), k1teo (fn31), va3hd (fn14),

W9ZIH ronald =k9vqr+n9lb+ka1ze/3+k8tqk tnx much best 73 gm

GM Stan,

Nice to work some of the regulars this morning, some deep QSB in WB2SIH’s direction, but managed to work him on CW NP.

73 from Foggy FN14BB


Sean Dickinson (VA3HD)

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