Dan, N5GX Make Some DOUGH!


Yesterday while watching the SV I decided I would redeem the time with one of my favorite activities, baking.  After all, I grew up in my dad’s bakery in St Louis where he taught me how to sweep floors and take out the trash!  I did however learn to make a few things like St Louis Gooey Butter Cake and one of his best sellers, Peanut Coffee Cake.

Here is the dough….

Ready for the oven…

Finally, baked, Iced and ready to eat…

I know this has noting to do with 205MorningReport other than while you were making “Noise”, I was making Peanut Cake.

Life is good here on the Indian River.  This is the view from my kitchen island where I spend a good bit of time when I’m not on the dock or in the shed (shack).


PS:  Why don’t you show the checkin page live in your collage of windows on the SV?  Second thought, that might be a copyright violation triggering a license fee increase.

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