w2uad == ve3mlm (fn04), ve3jfv (fn04), ve3eu (en93), ka1ze/3 (fn01), ng3w (fn01).


= VE3IQZ W2UAD VE3JFV W1VD KA1ZE/3 … Tnx everyone..73


=ka1ze/3 s5, w8ans s9, heard yjb, zih and others
W9ZIH ronald =144 K9VQR+WD9BGA+KA1ZE/3 10368.100 WD9BGA TNX 73 GM


WZ1V Ron wz1v = ka2bpp, n2slo, kd8ud, n4asf, kd4aa, w7jw, kb1wy, k1pxe, va3hd, ke2dn, w3erh, ka1ze, ve3eu, w1cot, w1vd, n3rg, k2arm, w8ans, ka3qwo, ng4c. 73 all Tnx

Good morning, I have been working out the bugs at the remote station. The June ARRL VHF contest is only a few weeks away so I am trying to get the WSJTX up an running. Getting the windows version of WSJTX up and running on my Linux computers has been quite the challenge. They do have a Linux version available but I had no luck getting it running. Linux certainly is a great operating system but has many many challenges. In any case the Windows version running under Wine is now working great.

I have also been plagued with severe interference from a packet station operating on 144.390 only 4 miles away and line of sight. My station manager NG3W tuned up a notch cavity on 390 and inserted it after the preamp and the interference has vanished… tnx Chris

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