AC3L Ed =ka1ze/3 s9, also cw heard .209, bunch of r’s
WZ1V Ron = n2ghr, n1bug, wa1eaz, k2arm, n2slo, ka2bpp, k1iig, k1bxc, w1cot, wa1rks, n4asf, kd4aa, va3hd, ke2dn, kc1bbu, n2rla, kc2wlr, ka1ze, k1pxe, w1vd, w8ans, w3erh, k1vdf, n3rg. Tnx all
W2UAD Ken w2uad == va3hd (fn14), ve3mlm (fn04), kb3tnz (fn11), ve3jfv (fn04).

GM Stan:

Tnx for the help today with Dave. Too bad we couldn’t make the “Q”. The best was K8TQK @ 391 miles with net control station KA2LIM monitoring. Heading home tomorrow with a stop in Harrisonburg, VA. The KD4AA 5 element beam worked rather well, Tnx Tom.

=KA2LIM – KA1ZE/3 – W1VD – W1COT – KE2DN – K8TQK = 954 mi

73 de 1GC

KA1ZE/3 FN01


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