W9ZIH ronald =ka1ze/3+k9vqr 73 tnx gm from line noise heaven QRT

VE3MLM Bob (VE3MLM) = W2UAD VE3JFV W1VD K1TEO VE3KBT KA1ZE/3 VA3HD… Tnx everyone…73 de FN04te
Hi agn Stan lots of activity today and the band conditions here were down some too! anyway heres my Qso list for this mornings workout!  Ka1ze/3, k2arm, k1pxe,w1cot, w1vd, n1cd, kc2wlr, k1IIG, I had a huge Birdie down on 160 when we worked but your signal plowed over it! so no need to ask you to move. Tnx again for all that you do for all. it is appreciated. hv a nice day Stan es 73 agn CUDTL
de Ellis

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