VE3MLM Bob = ka1ze/3 kb3wl w8ans w9kxi(k2lim) w2uad…tnx & 73

Hi Stan, lots of fun this morning from the mobile ! I made contacts from FN31 FN21 FN22 FN33 and FN33.
I worked the following stations from at least one grid .: KA1ZE (from all 5 grids!) KB1WY KA2BPP K2ARM KC2WLR W1COT W1VD. 73, Buff


W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3eu (en93), va3hd (fn14), ve3mlm (fn04), w9kxi (fn12), n2uip (fn13), w1cot (fn31).

KC8YJB Bernie kc8yjb=w9kxi s7/8 tnx Al gm

KA9VDU Gregr 2m&3cm ka9vdu = w9zih(en51nv), n9lb(en52hv) 144.190


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