VE3MLM Bob = ve3kbt, ve3jfv, ve3cru, ve3zv, w2uad, n2uio tnx everyone & 73
14:53:33 WZ1V Ron = w3bfc, n1bug, kb1wy, w1cot, n2slo, ka2bpp, n4asf, kd8ud, w3erh, w2qeg, k3gnc, va3hd, ve3zv, k1pxe, k1vdf, w8ans, n2fkf, wb2sih. 73 all Tnx.
W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3jfv (fn04), ve3mlm (fn04), va3hd (fn14), n2uio (fn13).
N1BUG Paul =ka1ze/3, n4asf, kc9elu, wz1v, w1cot, ka2bpp

Hi Stan . I was up on Prospect Mtn this morning. Worked: N2FKF WZ1V K1PXE and WA3AFS. Not great activity but I didn’t get set up until 10:30 local, I will be on from the rover next weekend . 73, Buff Wb2sih

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