7-4-2017 Chris, NG3W WEST stack repair

July 4 Chris, NG3W and Steve, KA3DFA took some time away from barbecuing, traveled to the KA1ZE/3 site and repaired the broken 5 element western stack. The large footprint of nearly 60 degrees makes this antenna ideal for CQing in the contest.


“I looked all the connections over on the west antennas. Opened up a few and resealed. Then taped a few more areas of the feed line to the tower so it would stay put in the wind. Easy climb and nice day for puttering around. The one connection that had problems with moisture had a charred center pin and black gunk in the far back of the barrel. Feed line N connectors were clean on the center pins. A bit milky on the inner ground from moisture. Cleaned them up before putting in the new barrel connector. Should be good to go. Short climb and easy stuff. Steve was happy to stay on the ground, climbing not his cup of tea. We both worked together at the same company in electronics. Always a good time getting folks to find the right brother and project we were working on LOL.

73 – Chris NG3W”

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