Pat, KC2WLR and Deb Whiteface Mtn FN34bi

Hi Stan, sri have not hrd or wkd you in few weeks now? but here are pics from Pat’s latest Hilltoping,KC2WLR and Xyl Deb on Whiteface Mt. 73 catch u OTA. 
de Ellis WA1RKS
Hi Ellis,
 Debi and I were on Whiteface Wednesday.

If hiking is not your thing, you drive up this one up to 4610′.
You can climb mostly stairs to the summit or there is an elevator that takes you directly to the summit.
KC2WLR,contacts included a couple to Mt. Washington,NH
Lake Placid^^^^^^
We met a fellow ham on the mountain, Joe KC2JMS from Ghent,NY. Here he is using one of my extra Hts and a role up J-pole.
Here’s the tunnel to the elevator that will take you to the summit. ( Otis elevator down that day of course).
73 form Debi and Pat, KC2WLR

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