7-15-2017 Do you want to operate my W3XTT remote in FN01 ??

Well although not being as active as I should be I have been working on getting my remote ready for operation by anyone having an INTERNET connection. It all started with streaming audio…. Nice for hearing whatever my receiver could hear but delayed by 30+ seconds. Great for checking out how you sound but that was all she wrote. The YouTube stream opened another door getting closer to real time and started me dreaming about the possibility of others using my station. Sure, I could get those interested in operating to duplicate my Linux computers and run my software but that wouldn’t make my remote practically available to anyone but me…. hihi

My new project has been a Mumble server. The server is an audio party line that operates on Linux and Windows computers. A very simple installation on your computer will allow you to connect to it. Once connected you will be hearing in real time what I hear and when I go to transmit your audio will be transmitted from the FN01 station. All parties connected to the server can talk with each other at the same time… whew….. anyone remember channel 19?? hihi This stage of YOU being the operator from my station is running. I have been talking and listening through the Mumble server the last few days.

The server is in Florida and W3XTT ( KA1ZE/3 ) and another computer Stan are connected to it. The server uses a new very low bandwidth audio codec called Opus. From memory we never had more than 20 connected to the streaming audio the new server should work with more than 20 clients connected. All you need to do is load Mumble client on to your computer.

The last software you will need controls the station. X2GO is a remote desktop program that also operates under Windows or Linux. It will run the Rotors, Antenna selector, and TS2000 with the PTT. All of that software will be up and running so using X2GO will be all that will be needed on your end.

Only one at a time can connect to X2GO. The Mumble party line could be used to coordinate who is the control operator.

In summary to be the operator of W3XTT you will need an INTERNET connection, an a computer with a a microphone and speakers running 2 pieces of software, Mumble and X2GO. The software is FREE and available from the INTERNET. If you would like to be part of this project please send me an email and I will put you on the control operator list.


73, Stan KA1ZE

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