3-11-2018 205 Activity reports


N2DXT/M FN20**6 QSOs

N4ASF FM27**6 QSOs**1868 miles**Best DX 439 miles to VE3ZV EN92

W2HCQ FN02**12 QSOs**2352 miles

W8ANS EN91**12 QSOs**3067 miles**Best DX 427 miles to W1COT FN31

W9ZIH EN51**7 QSOs**1384 miles**Best DX 560 miles to KA1ZE/3 FN01

WB8AHT EN72**9 QSOs**1734 miles

WB8VLO EN81**12 QSOs**2040 miles

WZ1V FN31**15 QSOs**2288 miles**Best DX 426 miles to W8ANS EN91

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