N4EME FM25 Activity

Hi Stan,

Just a quick note to let you know that N4EME EME Rovers club station will be operating from FM25FH from the 13th May until the 25th May. We will be running a smaller station this year due to the sad loss of  2 of our members over the past year, KB1ESS and WA3LBI.

2m will be 1.5KW into 4×12

6m will be 1.5KW into a single 7 ele

222 will be 800W  into 10 ele

432 will be 50W into 18 ele

All RX will be SDR.

We will be running WSJT modes on all bands with some SSB. No CW.

We will also be running FT8 on HF for those looking for FM25 for the ARRL grid list. 

Obviously as we are there for the ARI EME contest then 2m is our main station but we hope to at least find some people wanting to work FN25 on the other bands even though we are not that well equipped on them.

We can be found on PJ or TXT/Call 978 906 5524 if you want to try a sked. From past trips we have learnt that the one thing we cannot control is external noise so fingers crossed.  On our last trip to FM25 our 2m station RX was pretty much useless on EME due to the high noise level. Let us hope this years location is better.

Paul N2EME 

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