Eskip 144.200 1530Z – 1615Z?

I spotted the high MUF on 144 Mhz and gave a quick CQ on CW 144.200. The MUF above 150 MHz was above EM93,94 and95. KD4ESV, Sam EL87 came back with a strong 559 signal. I didn’t bother with CW but answered on SSB. Sam was non EME GRID # 100 for me in 2018…. After Sam, Drew, KO4MA EL88 called with a 57 signal.  I heard lots of noise from others on 200 but witnessed Sean VA3HD FN14 also work KD4ESV….. An interesting story about that one…. Sean has 1% power left in his cell phone while he controlled his home station through the INTERNET. Adding to the challenge, Sean was driving between cell sites…. He sounded terrible!! However Sam KD4ESV pulled him through……. Sam’s peak signal to me was 40 dB above my noise. My antenna was the stack of 4 X 5 element yagis at 60 ft.  I also heard N9HF in EL99 on CW but didn’t complete.

VA3HD FN14 == KD4ESV EL87 1182 miles

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