Tropo report W1VD, Jay FN31 7/8-2018-7/10/2018


7/8/18 – 7/10/18 tropo report from FN31:

Things started off Sunday morning with several weak signal contacts to OH and MI on FT8. It was obvious listening to what you and others ‘out west’ were working that we weren’t really in the duct. Heard none of the multitude of stations you were running throughout a good part of the day. Around 9 pm local the duct finally made it here and over the next few hours worked a series of stations starting with OH and progressing west to IL, MI and WI. Around 11 pm local propagation had stretched out to W7XU in SD (best DX at 1225 miles!) Signal levels with Arliss were sufficient for a rag chew on ssb.

Checking the band early Monday morning netted K0TPP in MO (955 miles) along with a series of contacts with OH, MI, IL and WI … some of which were repeat customers from the day before. Ducting lasted until mid morning.

Monday evening’s APRS map showed no red blobs leading one to think conditions might have returned to normal. That was not to be. Later in the evening red blobs reappeared. Conditions were enhanced down the coast and inland as far as KJ4MCZ and KC4AAW (677 miles). A CQ to the west brought back K9YR in IL (773 miles) followed by a number of other stations in IL, MI, WV and OH.

Some remnants may have remained Tuesday morning … several station in OH and MI were worked on FT8 but were rather weak … possibly within normal FT8 range.

Below is an edited log of the over 400-mile contacts from the past couple days. Repeat callsigns are due to different days, different modes, etc. A total of 15 grids and 9 states were worked.

Would be very interested to see what you worked!

(my log can be found here: )

Jay W1VD

The great conditions that I had covered a very wide area. EM84 211 degrees to EN46 301 degrees. I split my power between 2 antenna stacks. The top stack of 4 X 12 element yagis has been difficult to rotate and was left at 260 degrees. The lower stack of 4 X 5 element yagis rotated to the calling stations.