K1TEO, Jeff FN31 back on 6 meters!


Hope you’re doing well. At this point, about 2 months after I lost my main tower and all the antennas on my second tower, I am finally back on ……1 band. Only 9 more to go, hi! You will recognize this tower (EZ way) since you spent a full day up on it building the side mount a long time ago. This tower had basically been out of action for many years – I took down the 4 X 5 El 6M array you helped me put up and had a large tribander and a couple of the 5 El 6M beams on it for the last 14 years. But the side mount rotor died and then the main rotor so it was used very little for the last decade or so.

I took the tribander down a few weeks ago which was a big job since I didn’t want to tilt the tower over with so much weight so had a climber take that down. Then redid both rotors, new coax and a much taller mast above the tower. Spacing is now 17 feet between the top 6m antenna and the middle one. Using an Array Solutions phasing system to feed 1, 2 or all 3 antennas. As before the bottom (used to be bottom 2 when you last saw it) antenna has limited turning ability but is useful from SSW to NW. The top 2 are fully rotatable.

Anyway, hope to get back on 4 more bands if all goes well in a few weeks (222,903, 2304 and 3456). Just waiting on some new hardware from DS. The other 5 will have to wait until a new tower arrives likely mid to late fall. A lot of work to go to get back on but at least one is up and running, hi!

Jeff K1TEO