K1TEO, Jeff FN31 5 down 5 to go!

While my 72 foot crank up survived the May storm that took down my 89 foot tower, most of the antennas on the tower were either destroyed or severely damaged. I’ve had to look at the broken and in some cases dangling antennas for the last 2.5 months. Yesterday and today I worked to remove the mess and then put up new antennas. This tower had a large 6M antenna on it that was destroyed but since I redid the 3rd tower in the backyard a couple of weeks ago with 6 meters, I decided to put 222 on this tower. 222 had been on the bigger tower but I decided to lighten the load on that tower to avoid future problems. I used to have 2 X 23 el M2 on 222 several years ago. I went to a single one about 10 years ago and fortunately I had the second one in the basement when the other was lost in May. So that is the long antenna in the picture you see.
Above that is 4 X 76 el on 2304. 2 of the antennas were completely destroyed and the other 2  lost the front sections. I’ve haven’t actually found those sections – I assume they blew off into the woods and I will probably find them when the foliage dies off this fall, hi! Terry at Directive Systems did a great job getting me the new front sections as well as 2 brand new 2304 loopers to put the array back together.
Next up the mast is 4 X 76 el on 3456. Somehow these antennas actually survived intact. All the other antennas were broken in the front part so I guess the 3456 antennas were short enough to miss the other tower when it fell. On the top are a pair of 47 element 903 loopers. One survived and the other broke off in the middle and was dangling by the support boom since May. Terry was able to get me the 2 front sections of the looper so I could get it going again.
Hopefully if all goes well I will get back on 144,432, 1296 and 5/10ghz sometime this fall or if not next spring. 5 bands down and 5 to go! If any of the 205 group will be on this weekend for the 222 and up contest I should be on some of the time on 222,903, 2.3 and 3.4 to give out some points. Pass along my best to the group.
Jeff K1TEO