K1TEO Jeff, FN31 Tower back up!


On Friday, almost 4 months to the day that I lost my 89 foot US Tower to a freak storm, I have a new one back up! Tnx to Steve Simons, W1SMS, we were able to unload the tower and move it the old base and mount it. Tough sledding for an 1800 pound monster but with Steve’s know how and a lot of mechanical help it worked out well. No antennas up yet but hopefully shortly so we can get back “in business”. Looking forward to being back on 2M and some of the other bands. 

Some comments on the “action” below.

Jeff K1TEO

Tower on the delivery truck with some rollers we put underneath. Ready to move it off the truck and onto Steve’s trailer. 

Tower now moved off of the truck and onto the trailer. Those pvc tubes sure help move some very heavy weight along with the winch on the back of Steve’s trailer to lift the tower and take the weight off. 

Steve enjoying the satisfaction of a successful part 1 of the effort – off the truck!

The tower now in the driveway and ready to be moved into position to pin it to the base. 

It’s up!

And finally raised the tower to near full height  – nice sight after looking pretty bare the last 4 months. Will look even better with antennas, hi!