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September VHF Contest 2018

The final hoo-rah


September 8, 2018 saw the last get-together of the K2LIM group for our last VHF contest.

September 2018 Video

On hand were Ken-KA2LIM, Al-W9KXI, Rob-KB2YCC, Warren-WB2ONA, Gregg-NX2W and Larry-WA3CSP.



The high-light of the weekend was when, “Big Dave”-N2LID, one of our original crew, showed up on Saturday for a group photo for the last get-together. Dave has been having health issues for the past two years and has been unable to participate in the contests.

The second highlight was having a local ham, new to VHF/UHF, Neil-N2NRL stop by on Sunday afternoon to observe contesting operation at a multi-station. We got him to do some operating at the 6M position and in his own words: “you got the new guy hooked”.

As always, the food and refreshments were great and enjoyed by all.

The weather was cool and the bands were flat and activity was way down compared to past years but we stuck with it and as always, had FUN and taking time to chat with many of you that wanted to thank us for providing FN12mg for all these years.

 Sunday evening saw a real slow down in contacts. It got to be 10 minutes to nine and we had added only 1 contact to the log in the past one hour and ten minutes. Rob had to leave for home as he had to be at work at 0400 Monday morning. We looked at one another and said: time to pull the plug and go home. We shut the station down for the last time, cleaned up and were home by 9:30 pm.

I want to thank all of you who have worked the K2LIM station over the last 8 years. As I have said before, we have meet many new folks, achieved goals that were never thought about or even on our “radar screen”, received awards not sought and always experimented with and added new antennas to our arsenal so we could work the “weak one”.

“73” from the K2LIM team,



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