KD4AA, Tom builds pair 2 meter moxons

Gm Stan:
Hope all is well with you and family.
Pictures are KD4AA latest design for KD8UD mobile. A pair of moxons 1 facing fwd and 1 facing aft switchable.
You are missed on 205!!!
73 Dave

Many thanks to Dave, N4ASF for reporting on the newest KD4AA antenna design for Lew, KD4AA. All is well with Linda and I in sunny Florida. Only 1 day in the month of September with daytime temperatures not reaching 90 degrees. The rebuild of the FN01 station is beginning to see light on the horizon. The new InnovAntennas have been on site for many months. I have been waiting for ring rotors to arrive to properly mount the arrays on the tower. I should have them in the month of October and hopefully see an early snow storm during the installation (we all know antennas seem to perform better after a snowy beginning.)
73, Stan