A waste of time and space….

I welcome any submissions for this space. Please send material to stanka1ze@aol(dot)com. If you have found this blog, likely you remember a couple of years ago when I searched the chat pages looking for daily material to assimilate on this web page. I enjoyed doing it but it occupied too much of my time. I will post any pictures and contact information that gets emailed to me. In the subject line please put 205morningreport.


Personally I am interested in working UNIQUE call signs and UNIQUE GRIDS per month. I hope to provide this information every month. My operating is mainly digital or CW in order to keep shack noise to a minimum. Occasionally you may find W3XTT on SSB. My apologies to all thinking about me wasting time and space…. but it is My Time and Space….


73, Stan KA1ZE