W3XTT update blog 3-5-2020

Just sayin….

!@#$% has the rotator finally given up??

Well many are pretty bored with listening to me rant about a stogy rotator. It kind of has a mind of its own working smoothly some days to other days when it seems to hit a brick wall. After a few tries of rocking back and forth, I had been able to get it going CW or CCW.  The January contest had me calling CQ into no mans land for 6 or so hours but it finally got moving using the rocky rocky trick. It seems to have finally decided not to move!!! On 3-3 I was trying to park it out west when it hit a wall around 222 degrees. Rocking it back and forth moves it from 222 to 211 degrees. Please continue listening for me ……… A few more months and it will be warm enough to travel to North central PA and a climb up the tower to evaluate the problem.