K1TEO Jeff, FN31 Tower back up!


On Friday, almost 4 months to the day that I lost my 89 foot US Tower to a freak storm, I have a new one back up! Tnx to Steve Simons, W1SMS, we were able to unload the tower and move it the old base and mount it. Tough sledding for an 1800 pound monster but with Steve’s know how and a lot of mechanical help it worked out well. No antennas up yet but hopefully shortly so we can get back “in business”. Looking forward to being back on 2M and some of the other bands. 

Some comments on the “action” below.

Jeff K1TEO

Tower on the delivery truck with some rollers we put underneath. Ready to move it off the truck and onto Steve’s trailer. 

Tower now moved off of the truck and onto the trailer. Those pvc tubes sure help move some very heavy weight along with the winch on the back of Steve’s trailer to lift the tower and take the weight off. 

Steve enjoying the satisfaction of a successful part 1 of the effort – off the truck!

The tower now in the driveway and ready to be moved into position to pin it to the base. 

It’s up!

And finally raised the tower to near full height  – nice sight after looking pretty bare the last 4 months. Will look even better with antennas, hi!

Jeff, K1TEO Block Island visit


Just got back from a few days on Block Island. Dave, K1RZ, Dale, AF1T and Mickey, W1MKY (as well as Dave’s XYL Ruth) were on Block Island as well so we had a chance for an eyeball QSO which was very nice. They are staying in a house on the highest point on the Island with a fantastic view in all directions.

Attached is a picture I took when I stopped by for a few minutes to see the location. Dale and Dave were setting up their 10 GHZ dishes ahead of this weekend’s 10 Ghz and up contest. It’s a great location, as I knew from working Dale and Mickey in past years (and W1GHZ and W1AIM who go there for the 2nd weekend in Sept). I thought the 205 group might like to see the picture I took of Dave on the left and Dale on the right from the “top of the island”. The shot to the left of Dave is basically toward NJ/PA. Dale’s dish on the right was pointed toward a beacon in CT. Regardless of where they point they are very high and  in the clear looking out on a lot of ocean. Great spot for any kind of operating but especially for 10 ghz. If you have the band get on and work these 2 this weekend!

Jeff K1TEO


K1TEO, Jeff FN31 5 down 5 to go!

While my 72 foot crank up survived the May storm that took down my 89 foot tower, most of the antennas on the tower were either destroyed or severely damaged. I’ve had to look at the broken and in some cases dangling antennas for the last 2.5 months. Yesterday and today I worked to remove the mess and then put up new antennas. This tower had a large 6M antenna on it that was destroyed but since I redid the 3rd tower in the backyard a couple of weeks ago with 6 meters, I decided to put 222 on this tower. 222 had been on the bigger tower but I decided to lighten the load on that tower to avoid future problems. I used to have 2 X 23 el M2 on 222 several years ago. I went to a single one about 10 years ago and fortunately I had the second one in the basement when the other was lost in May. So that is the long antenna in the picture you see.
Above that is 4 X 76 el on 2304. 2 of the antennas were completely destroyed and the other 2  lost the front sections. I’ve haven’t actually found those sections – I assume they blew off into the woods and I will probably find them when the foliage dies off this fall, hi! Terry at Directive Systems did a great job getting me the new front sections as well as 2 brand new 2304 loopers to put the array back together.
Next up the mast is 4 X 76 el on 3456. Somehow these antennas actually survived intact. All the other antennas were broken in the front part so I guess the 3456 antennas were short enough to miss the other tower when it fell. On the top are a pair of 47 element 903 loopers. One survived and the other broke off in the middle and was dangling by the support boom since May. Terry was able to get me the 2 front sections of the looper so I could get it going again.
Hopefully if all goes well I will get back on 144,432, 1296 and 5/10ghz sometime this fall or if not next spring. 5 bands down and 5 to go! If any of the 205 group will be on this weekend for the 222 and up contest I should be on some of the time on 222,903, 2.3 and 3.4 to give out some points. Pass along my best to the group.
Jeff K1TEO

KA1ZE/3 limited activity N5LJC GRID 150

My antenna stuck at 250 degrees is in a great direction for working meteor scatter.  7-29-2018 I picked up NON-EME GRID 150 for 2018. Billy N5LJC EM51 was really rocking. He worked several stations including Jay, W1VD FN31.

WB4JWM EM83 was GRID 149

KG5CCI EM34 was GRID 148

KD7YZ EM88 was GRID 147

AC0RA/R EN50 was GRID 146

KO0Z EM59 was GRID 145

KA1ZE/3 FN01 in CQWW VHF Contest

My participation in the contest will be minimal. The antenna situation in FN01 has now dipped to a new low. The smaller 4 X 5 element stack is no longer accepting RF.  My only option is my top 4 X 12 element array. This is still functioning but will not constantly turn. It has been stuck in the 90 degree overlap area for the past 2 weeks. Sunday morning I will be driving to pick up friends in Miami… Good luck to ALL, have fun and “make some noise”  Stan

K1TEO, Jeff FN31 back on 6 meters!


Hope you’re doing well. At this point, about 2 months after I lost my main tower and all the antennas on my second tower, I am finally back on ……1 band. Only 9 more to go, hi! You will recognize this tower (EZ way) since you spent a full day up on it building the side mount a long time ago. This tower had basically been out of action for many years – I took down the 4 X 5 El 6M array you helped me put up and had a large tribander and a couple of the 5 El 6M beams on it for the last 14 years. But the side mount rotor died and then the main rotor so it was used very little for the last decade or so.

I took the tribander down a few weeks ago which was a big job since I didn’t want to tilt the tower over with so much weight so had a climber take that down. Then redid both rotors, new coax and a much taller mast above the tower. Spacing is now 17 feet between the top 6m antenna and the middle one. Using an Array Solutions phasing system to feed 1, 2 or all 3 antennas. As before the bottom (used to be bottom 2 when you last saw it) antenna has limited turning ability but is useful from SSW to NW. The top 2 are fully rotatable.

Anyway, hope to get back on 4 more bands if all goes well in a few weeks (222,903, 2304 and 3456). Just waiting on some new hardware from DS. The other 5 will have to wait until a new tower arrives likely mid to late fall. A lot of work to go to get back on but at least one is up and running, hi!

Jeff K1TEO