K1PXE, Peter FN31 record high QSO total and MILE for 2018


5-9-2018**40 QSOs**8021 miles**Best 144 DX 460 miles to K1ISR FM06**Best 432 DX 568 miles to W4DEX EM95**Best 1296 DX 568 miles to W4DEX EM95

Here is another one of my occasional updates. It is not at all to gloat over all that I worked cuz I am very sure there are many out there who had a great time and got some new stuff too. N2SLO is happy with two new grids on 1296. I heard KJ4MCZ working VE1SKY maybe the best dx qso of the day and N3RG really happy to work VE1SKY on fone after their 51 digital contacts on 2 meters. Sure glad they are now 2 meter friends after all those many many contacts over the years. I did not hear VE1SKY at all.

Well, the fun for me really started last night on the mud toads net. At the end of that net, I joked that already had racked up enough qso miles without a woof to make me happy. But the real fun didn’t start until the morning today. By the way, I think i heard you early but didn’t look for you until later when I didn’t find you. Sorry I missed you. Having missed others who I heard working openings I wasn’t in is frustrating and I don’t like to be a part of someone else missing a contact with me just because I am part of a big opening.

Somethings happend that turned me in another direction which helped me. Mark K1MAP was heading south and stopping for 432 qsos. He stopped to work me on 432 when he was almost leaving fm29. We worked ok but that lead me to a big signal from W4DEX who I hadn’t worked in years. The big signals on 432 lead me to suggest we try 1296 where although signals were not too strong we nevertheless had a successful qso. Sure wish that I had found N1GC somewhere. Also, while looking for you, I ran into K1ISR and while talking with K3GNC a few minutes later, learned from Jerome that K1ISR had 1296, so I went back and got him to move up for my second successful qso to fm06 for the day on that band.

Bob W1COT indicated that the opening was a bit inland toward the west which was probabally why I didn’t hear VE1SKY and why NG4C HAD A NORMAL SIGNAL.

Now let me get to the meat and potatoes for the utc day. I hope I didn’t forget to log someone. For me, that is a possibility. As usual, I forgot to make a recording and I really regret that. I think I log K1MAP 3 times, once for qso on 2 meters from fm29, then 432 from that grid and later on 2 meters from fm28. I did not work anyone on 222 mhz, another of my failings.



144 mhz
This was a big opening, for me, the best in a number of years. But recently, I have noted that this time of year is usually noted for poor signals and occasionally an opening and once in a while a great opening. So, will we be treated to another big opening this spring? Only time will tell.

I keep hearing about warm temperatures and openings. Not the case this time. Temps were in the upper 40s and low 50s which is normal for this time of years. As K1HTV found way back in the 60s you have to watch the wx fronts. What those warmer temps do is bring the dew point up which helps to bring down the line noise and maybe helps those wx fronts to have the right conditions for an opening.

It will be interesting what happens tonight and tomorrow morning. Stormmy wx comes in later in the day ending things for now. I have noted that the openings at this time of year tend to be short in duration and those 4 and even 5 day openings won’t be here until at least mid August. Also, since sun rise is getting closer to the earliest time, sleeping late will reduce your opportunities considerably.

73, PeteK1PXE fn31ke85mx

N4EME FM25 Activity

Hi Stan,

Just a quick note to let you know that N4EME EME Rovers club station will be operating from FM25FH from the 13th May until the 25th May. We will be running a smaller station this year due to the sad loss of  2 of our members over the past year, KB1ESS and WA3LBI.

2m will be 1.5KW into 4×12

6m will be 1.5KW into a single 7 ele

222 will be 800W  into 10 ele

432 will be 50W into 18 ele

All RX will be SDR.

We will be running WSJT modes on all bands with some SSB. No CW.

We will also be running FT8 on HF for those looking for FM25 for the ARRL grid list. 

Obviously as we are there for the ARI EME contest then 2m is our main station but we hope to at least find some people wanting to work FN25 on the other bands even though we are not that well equipped on them.

We can be found on PJ or TXT/Call 978 906 5524 if you want to try a sked. From past trips we have learnt that the one thing we cannot control is external noise so fingers crossed.  On our last trip to FM25 our 2m station RX was pretty much useless on EME due to the high noise level. Let us hope this years location is better.

Paul N2EME