Well, the first video from this morning was a disaster… I tried a msk144 QSO with Zin, N7CZ EM69 but had not copied the exchange when Paul N1BUG FN55 broke in and let me know he was getting scatter information from Zin. I said please try and make the contact knowing this would be a new grid and state for Zin. Later I found out the they completed the contact, congratulations.

I went up to 205 and had a SSB QSO with Don, KD8JQ EN91. He mentioned I was not my usual strength. This reminded me about issues I was having looking at my relative power output on SSB vs CW. I decided to see what was going on. All modes enter my TS2000 through the microphone connector. They all need to exit the computer with the same strength. I send Michrophone Audio, Voice Keyer Audio, WSJTX Audio and FLDIGI CW Audio o the TS2000. The levels had all changed….. but… the stetting looked the same to me. Do I readjust my audio levels? No….. They were working fine lately so perhaps a reboot was in order…………..

After the reboot I started up all the software needed to remote the station,

SER2NET (allows me to control serial ports)

Relay Controller (at my local computer. I power up the TS2000, Rotors, Linrad RX, and throw the switch selecting audio to be sent from IP-Sound)

IP-Sound (sends 2 way audio)

3 PSTrotatot programs in FN01. (Top, West, East)

Amplifier Relay (powers the amplifiers)

Left Ear/ Right Ear relay (this is how I direct antennas ans amplifiers between ears)

Voice Keyer


FLDIGI (CW to the TS2000)

FLRIG (controls TS2000 functions)


Now the big problem: Starting the FLRIG software keys my master footswitch keying sequencer.

Never did that before!

After much thought……… smoke……. try rebooting again………

Go through the same steps as above only this time I happened to start my Left Ear/ Right Ear software before the PSTRotator programs. When I got to the FLRIG program, it came on and worked without sending the station to transmit………..


Now back to the Audio level problem (why I rebooted the first time)

All AUDIO LEVELS did not need adjusting….. So I was correct when I decided not to touch the adjusting sliders and reboot…….. I think!!!!!!!



Now back on the radio and second YOU TUBE STREAM and make some noise!




VE3MLM Bob = ve3kbt, ve3jfv, ve3cru, ve3zv, w2uad, n2uio tnx everyone & 73
14:53:33 WZ1V Ron = w3bfc, n1bug, kb1wy, w1cot, n2slo, ka2bpp, n4asf, kd8ud, w3erh, w2qeg, k3gnc, va3hd, ve3zv, k1pxe, k1vdf, w8ans, n2fkf, wb2sih. 73 all Tnx.
W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3jfv (fn04), ve3mlm (fn04), va3hd (fn14), n2uio (fn13).
N1BUG Paul =ka1ze/3, n4asf, kc9elu, wz1v, w1cot, ka2bpp

Hi Stan . I was up on Prospect Mtn this morning. Worked: N2FKF WZ1V K1PXE and WA3AFS. Not great activity but I didn’t get set up until 10:30 local, I will be on from the rover next weekend . 73, Buff Wb2sih


VE3MLM Bob = ka1ze/3 kb3wl w8ans w9kxi(k2lim) w2uad…tnx & 73

Hi Stan, lots of fun this morning from the mobile ! I made contacts from FN31 FN21 FN22 FN33 and FN33.
I worked the following stations from at least one grid .: KA1ZE (from all 5 grids!) KB1WY KA2BPP K2ARM KC2WLR W1COT W1VD. 73, Buff


W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3eu (en93), va3hd (fn14), ve3mlm (fn04), w9kxi (fn12), n2uip (fn13), w1cot (fn31).

KC8YJB Bernie kc8yjb=w9kxi s7/8 tnx Al gm

KA9VDU Gregr 2m&3cm ka9vdu = w9zih(en51nv), n9lb(en52hv) 144.190



W2UAD Ken w2uad == ve3jfv (fn04), w2acr (fn12), ve3mlm (fn04), w8mil (en74), ve3eu (en93), w1cot (fn31),

VE3MLM Bob = k1teo w1vd w2acr w2uad ve3jfv ka1ze/3 … tnx & 73 de fn04te

N1BUG Paul FN55mf =WB2SIH, K1TEO, K1PXE, W1COT, W1VD, KA1ZE/3. No response heard to MSK144 CQs today.


A minor bump in the road . Hope to be back for contest!


Hi Stan. Nice to work you this morning. The truck is fixed and back in business. I worked the following : N4asf k8gu kd8ud kd4aa K2arm N1nol N3jdr and ka1ze/3. 73, Buff Wb2sih

VE3MLM Bob = VE3JFV W2UAD VA3HD W1COT W1VD KA1ZE/3…Tnx everyone & 73 de FN04te


W9ZIH ronald =ka1ze/3+k9vqr 73 tnx gm from line noise heaven QRT

VE3MLM Bob (VE3MLM) = W2UAD VE3JFV W1VD K1TEO VE3KBT KA1ZE/3 VA3HD… Tnx everyone…73 de FN04te
Hi agn Stan lots of activity today and the band conditions here were down some too! anyway heres my Qso list for this mornings workout!  Ka1ze/3, k2arm, k1pxe,w1cot, w1vd, n1cd, kc2wlr, k1IIG, I had a huge Birdie down on 160 when we worked but your signal plowed over it! so no need to ask you to move. Tnx again for all that you do for all. it is appreciated. hv a nice day Stan es 73 agn CUDTL
de Ellis


AC3L Ed =ka1ze/3 s9, also cw heard .209, bunch of r’s
WZ1V Ron = n2ghr, n1bug, wa1eaz, k2arm, n2slo, ka2bpp, k1iig, k1bxc, w1cot, wa1rks, n4asf, kd4aa, va3hd, ke2dn, kc1bbu, n2rla, kc2wlr, ka1ze, k1pxe, w1vd, w8ans, w3erh, k1vdf, n3rg. Tnx all
W2UAD Ken w2uad == va3hd (fn14), ve3mlm (fn04), kb3tnz (fn11), ve3jfv (fn04).

GM Stan:

Tnx for the help today with Dave. Too bad we couldn’t make the “Q”. The best was K8TQK @ 391 miles with net control station KA2LIM monitoring. Heading home tomorrow with a stop in Harrisonburg, VA. The KD4AA 5 element beam worked rather well, Tnx Tom.

=KA2LIM – KA1ZE/3 – W1VD – W1COT – KE2DN – K8TQK = 954 mi

73 de 1GC

KA1ZE/3 FN01