KA1ZE/3 FN01

Tornadoes in my area of Florida last night. A strong storm passed through Pinellas county around 3 AM. This line produced tornadoes just south of me in Manatee and Sarasota counties. At least 2 deaths were reported by 7 AM.

Many normally easily workable contacts were brought close to the noise floor in QSB low spots. W1COT FN31 normally has a 58-59 signal (25-30 dB ANF) went as low as 5 dB ANF.

I was very pleased to work Dick WD9DCN EN70 for the first time. Dick was close to my noise floor and was running a 9130 XVCR putting out 25 watts to a Cushcraft 13 element yagi.WD9DCN AScreenshot - 01172016 - 10:07:02 AM


I don’t know if you are interested in 2M EME contacts for the 205 morning report, but if you are I just worked PA0JMV (Grid JO21pm) in the Netherlands at 1807 UTC today.  This was my 18th EME contact with a new station.
This was done using JT65b with a 13 El Yagi and 300W on my end.  PA0JMV’s station is of course MUCH bigger.
Gary, N2AMC  (FN30iv)
Congratulations Gary, 
I don’t look for them but I would include any reports to me,so thank you. 
Please try and find a picture or 2 for the report. I will post a picture of the PA0 
73, Stan