KA1ZE/3 FN01


Overall conditions were not good today. I started out trying Mikie KY4MRG EM77. I heard him call me with a 51 SSB signal. He did not respond to me. We continued and the QSB picked me up and we easily worked around 52.KY4MRG-0 A

Next; N1GC EM95 was not hearing me through his noise. He was 519 on CW, I put Garry in my RXonly log but later we tried and I was heard 519 in EM95. Hooray, another good QSO.N1GCb1 650 A

Finally, I called W9ZIH IN EN51. Ron came back to me, I went back to him with a 519 but he didn’t respond…. I tried sending the report again.. still no Ron. I did hear him call me telling me NIL, (not good.)  I responded with my RRR plus sent grid square FN01 several times. Finally I heard Ron come back with his R’s plus 73’s. We completed the contact but today was the most difficult to date. With all of the stations not responding to me today I think tomorrow I will take action and brush my teeth before getting on 144205!W9ZIH 6-2 A1

It was nice to work Steve NQ3T in FN20 with his antenna up on the chimney.NQ3T AScreenshot - 01182016 - 10:04:24 AM

VHF SUPER CONFERENCE Registration April 15-17 2016 tnx Jim, W4KXY

Hello everyone. This year the Southeastern VHF Society (SVHFS), North East Weak Signal Group (NEWS) and Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club (Pack Rats) are cosponsoring a VHF Super Conference hosted by the Grid Pirates Contest Group (K8GP) and Directive Systems and Engineering. The conference will be held April 15-17, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Washington-Dulles International Airport in Sterling, VA. For further information and to register for the conference go to vhfsuperconference.com. This is a rare opportunity to meet with and hear from some of the top operators and technical minds in VHF Amateur Radio today all in one location. Don’t miss it! I am looking forward to seeing everyone there. 73 Jim, W4KXY Secretary, Southeastern VHF Society Screenshot - 01182016 - 06:53:10 AM