“Make some noise”

The basic bugs are gone. The only thing left is to improve what will be available. Links to all the VHF aids we use for propagation and the green log sheet designed by N5GX will be available on the 205morningreport site as well as the N5GX site. The link to my streaming audio server will also be included. Please post your contacts or send me an email and I will be happy to fill in a green sheet for you and include a picture or two of you, your shack, or antenna farm. My email address is stanka1ze@aol.com

KA1ZE/3 FN01

Screenshot - 12232015 - 10:03:03 AM

Band conditions today were not that good for me. With the exception of Ellis, WA1RKS FN32 all signals from the EAST suffered with large QSB swings and for the most part were on the bottom of the swing. Ron W9ZIH EN51 continues to make it in my log. Today he went from 529 to almost in my noise. I could always copy him but there were times when my brain filled in missing characters. David KJ4MCZ FMo6 made an interesting test with me by lowering his power approaching my noise floor. The result was pretty amazing, 366 miles away and I copied Q5 with power at 4 watts. I could still hear him at lower powers but 4 watts was perfect copy!