KA1ZE/3 FN01

Conditions in FN01 were decent today. In-spite of persistent QSB all QSOs were made with relative ease. N1GC, Garry was head and shoulders above the noise floor. Ellis, WA1RKS FN32 and Pete, K2ARM FN33 were easy listening on my old lower gain 5 element stack. CW contacts are usually pretty easy to make while stronger SSB stations are on frequency “making noise.”Ron, W9ZIH EN51 was heard warming up for our CW test through the SSB QRM out EAST in my right ear.

Terry, W2REA FN02 enjoyed a QSO on CW and SSB with Bob, W1COT FN31. Terry has tried this path in the past but today was magic.

I tried a CW contact with Bob, AA9MY EN50 slightly over 600 miles. The CW came out of the noise occasionally but I was unable to get any information. He was heard on several meteor pings and it looks like FSK441 would be the mode under normal conditions. Larry K0TPP EM48 had a big signal on CW M/S, again a reliable QSO could be made with WSJT.Screenshot - 01142016 - 11:12:31 AM