In 2005 we moved from our home of 20+ years in Gales Ferry, CT to one in Mystic, CT. In May 2010, after about a year in the Planning and Zoning review process and with the help of some friends from work, we put up a 60-foot Universal free standing tower with a Mosley 2N6 antenna at 70-feet (4 elements on 6 and 5 elements on 2) and a Mosley TA-34XL-WARC beam (with a 40 meter rotatable dipole element) at the 60-foot level to replace the dipoles in the trees and to provide antennas from 40 through 2 meters. A Ringo Ranger was installed on the side of the tower at the 50-foot level to provide 2 meter repeater coverage. Two more Mosley antennas were added in May 2011 – 9 elements for 220 and 13 elements for 432, both at the 65-foot level on a ten-foot cross boom. It’s pretty crowded up there now, so I think I’m done adding aluminum; fortunately I don’t detect any interaction among them. The tower also served as the center support for an 80 meter inverted Vee. I’ve now added two sets of coaxial traps to that antenna and lengthened it to provide operation on 30, 80, and 160 meters.

Thanks for looking and I hope to hear you on one of these days.

73, Bill

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