Garry what would you do if you won Powerball?

Slow day – no KD4AA or N4ASF. The worlds coming to an end !!!! Seriously, if I won the Mega Lotto I would buy anyone on 2 meters an Amp if they wanted and needed 1. With the power supply of course !!! What the hell would 50K be out of all that $$$$
73 de 1GC
Untitled cN1GC3a AWD4NMV A


Here’s a series of photo’s leading up to the antenna installation.  I’ll be operating with the 2 meter antenna (top) at 34 feet for a while until I get my cable management sorted-out at the bottom of the tower.  Right now I am using the IC-746 Pro as the transmitter but will soon revert to the FT-736 which has better noise performance on 2.  At the same time I’ll be connecting the linear amplifiers to give me a little boost on the power.  All in good time.
Hi Buzz, do you have the KW ready to go?
No kW yet.  I’m just using the 746 until I get the 2 meter equipment rack back in operation. I’m sure it will be on in a couple of weeks.  Glad to see that there is lively activity in the NE.  There is not much down here except for N4TWX and a few guys in Orlando/Tampa. In fact, I think there is only one other operator or 2 in EM90!
WA4GPM Ant 2 AWA4GPM Inspection by KZ4RRWA4GPM Ant 4 CWA4GPM Ant 5 D