K1IIG, Steve FN31nl


 Soon I will have 5 beacons running here and the guys would like to see if I can have a reverse beacon on a couple. I thought it would be nice to have the guys be able to have a visual or be able to query on whether the beacons are running as I do shut them down during contesting. You have quite a neat setup and wonder if you or someone else can point me in the right direction? I have never built a web site and do not know HTML.  



FN31NL via email.


Steve please send us the details of the beacons. I can help with the reverse beacon site. I have everything running here with Xubuntu linux. Wha is your operating system?

2-5-2018 205 Activity reports



N4ASF FM27**2652 miles**Best DX 458 miles to VA3HD FN14

N9EGT EN70**1046 miles

VA3HD FN14**12 QSOs**2189 miles**Best DX 458 miles to N4ASF FM17

VE2PN FN46**Best DX 487 miles to KA1ZE/3 FN01

W2UAD FN13**1054 miles**Best DX 403 miles to K8TQK EM89

W8ANS EN91**2019 miles**Best DX 432 miles to K1BXC FN31

WB8AHT EN81**1237 miles


WB8VLO EN81**1446 miles

Bob, VE3MLM FN04 and Ken, W2UAD FN13**2000 QSO’S

There you go Ken…here’s a copy of the certificate for you…It’s been absolutely great working toward this achievement

and it’s going to be great watching the # s  go by  as we pass the current date …. Best Wishes & Tnx for all the qso s …

Your friend Bob  VE3MLM


Congratulations to Ken and Bob reaching the 2000 QSO milestone!