N1BUG, Paul FN55

Hi Stan,

I finally got winter antenna damage repaired as Spring has more or less discovered Maine! There is still a foot of snow in the area of the VHF tower! I have been listening on 205 in the mornings for several days but have not heard a thing except some unreadable SSB
murmurs and the odd meteor ping here and there. I’ve also been reading the 205 Morning Report web site.

Just to provide another perspective I am on the opposite end of the scale from Peter. I think the 205 morning activity is a fantastic idea but to be honest it hasn’t proved very satisfying up here. 99.9% of the time all I hear is hiss. If I’m lucky I get to say
hello to the same 4 or 5 guys in FN42/FN31. That is certainly very enjoyable but not sufficient motivation to give up my best and most productive hours of the day, the only hours when I have energy to get anything done. Aside from KA1ZE/3 I found almost no one
interested in trying longer distance contacts which would have provided a thrill factor. As a result I mostly lost interest. On the mornings I have nothing important I need to get done I will continue
to monitor. I don’t dare call CQ as even though I am hearing only hiss I know there is activity further south. Many are probably running less power than I do and I might be a source of QRM even though I don’t hear anything. As a reminder I run 1500W to a long
yagi at 110 feet.

I’m going to be putting most of my focus into the major contests and band openings. I find that I can usually make some good longer distance contacts in major contests where people are highly motivated to struggle digging me out for the multiplier. I will continue to make a special effort to notice band openings such as
aurora, sporadic E and of course the major meteor showers.

I should have 6 meters going again soon. I just need to get a relay installed on the tower for feedline sharing between HF and 6, then get that integrated into my band switching system. I had hoped to add 222 and 432 this summer but living on the lowest level of fixed
income this takes time and I’m going to need another year. I will get there! I’m building the antennas this summer so they will be ready.

Paul N1BUG FN55mf

Hi Paul,

Great to hear you are 2 meter “radio active.” I have been on vacation in FN31 the past several weeks and have been only to make CW and Digital QSOs from the hotel. Please get on the chat page so I can be sure to look your way….

I selfishly would like to work your grid in 2018, hihi. The TROPO GRIDS are adding up and are now at 87.

As far as activity is concerned, we have some similarities in location. Your spot is off of the beaten trail and my FN01 location was also a spot rarely looked at from the coast until I became more active the same time daily. Now, stations are pointing their flashlights my way. Please try and make it known when you are on and I/m pretty sure the activity will find your big signal from FN55..

73, Stan

4-24-2018 K1PXE, Peter FN31

It’s been a long time since a written report. I’ve just been plodding along making a dozen plus or minus a few every day mostly the same people. Today was somewhat better than usual so it gives me a chance to glote a bit and catch up on things. I was worried a bit this weekend with some of the poorest totals in a long long time. I don’t know if it was just a lot of people at the conference or the wx being good enough that people were just dying to get into it. Today was a good day no matter how you slice it.

222 mhz KB1JEY KA3FQS

432 mhz WB2RVX
1296 mhz WZ1V W2BVH N2SLO WB2SIH

144 mhz

I have decided to put little or no effort into the regular vhf contests unless the band conditions are really really good. Just too much effort in band hopping and too much beating my head against a hard thing trying for contests when nothing much is happening. Plus, there are those chores I have to do. I get much of my jollies on .205 in the morning and I just don’t need contests to keep me going. Besides, contests just arn’t fun any more. I do plan to continue working the sprints. They are still fun for me. Two meters was a lot of fun and 222 was ok with poor conditions and I will be on for the 432 and microwave sprints. In fact, I am really looking forward to excersize my new 1296 mhz Beko 350 watt amp. I even hoped to be on the chat page for the microwave sprint but that won’t happen since my computer is down and won’t be running again for a while. So look for me on 2 meters on .205 and .260 for skeds. Of course I’ll also take email skeds. That’s a different computer.

That’s it for now.

73, Pete K1PXE fn31ke85mx