7-9-2018 VA3HD Sean, FN14

working KE8FD, KC4AAW and especially N1GC was a treat. I have been trying to work Garry N1GC for around 8 years with no joy. Today was the day. The stations in the west doesn’t seem as strong as last night . It was all fun though.

7-8-2018 VA3HD Sean, FN14

Hi Dana, Stan

an amazing day for me on 2 meters. See attached log

thanks for the several heads up Stan



Sean Dickinson (VA3HD) VE Communications and Electric – Master Electrician

Halfway to QUEST 10,000 QSOs

This morning I finally made it past 5000 QSOs on 2 meters. Thanks to all for your support!! I find the most difficult part of the challenge is trying to keep up my enthusiasm.

KD8JQ Don EN91 was QSO 5000

KY4MRG Mike EM77 was QSO 4999

N1GC Gary EM95 was QSO 5001702 UNIQUE stations have made my log from 130 NON-EME GRIDS by use of CW-SSB or DIGITAL. I have also logged an additional 24 GRIDS on EME.